Video Gallery - The Debut Show: Feb. 24th, 2016

On Wednesday, February 24th, The Balboa RV Park hosted the first ever ‘Trailer Trash Talent Revue’.  The trailer park’s game room was emptied of it’s usual pool table, dozens of chairs were rented and arranged, a stage was erected - a sound system donated and -boom- we done put on a show.  

About an hour before the show, guests enjoyed $5 Burritos and mingled in front of a vintage airstream trailer - all under the watchful eye of Ms. Marilyn Monroe:  

By showtime, the 60 seats had quickly filled - and even after another 15 were squeezed in and filled - we had another 20 guests standing outside and watching through the window.  Sell Out!  Standing room only!  …and what a night it was: 

Kat Perkins wowed us with two songs - ‘Chandelier’ and ‘Barracuda’ - and also sat down with Dawn to talk about The Voice and what she’s been up to since.  See all of Kat’s video clips here. 

Yossi & Natasha - residents of the RV Park - also joined us for two original songs - ‘Simple Tune’ and ‘Canaan’.

Other guests included: Courtney McCleanMartini & Olive and the improvisors of Lady Parade.  We also had a bonafide MARRIAGE PROPOSAL — of course she said YES!