The Big Boat Trip Blog:  St. Paul to The Gulf of Mexico


In October of 2012, I - along with my boyfriend Andrew Melby and our dog, Dorothy - departed from St. Paul, Minnesota aboard a 1974 Houseboat called ‘The Road.’  Our final destination - the Gulf of Mexico.  

It was an adventure to be sure, and the bulk of it was chronicled as we went:

#1:  What is The Big Trip?  

#2:  Days 1-5: Oct. 8th-12th: St. Paul, MN to Dubuque, IA

#3:  Days 6-8: Oct. 13th-15th: Dubuque, IA To Moline, IL

#4:  Days 9-12: Oct. 16th-19th: Moline, IL To Keokuk, IA 

#5:  Days 13-15: Oct. 20th-22nd: Keokuk, IA to Hoppie's (St. Louis, MO)

#6:  Days 16-19: Oct. 23rd-26th: Hoppie's (St. Louis, MO) To Grand Rivers, KY

#7:  Days 20-22: Oct. 27th-29th: Grand Rivers, KY to Counce, TN

#8:  Days 23-25: Oct. 30th-Nov.1st: Counce, TN to Somewhere in Alabama

#9:  Days 26-28: Nov. 2nd-4th: Somewhere in AL to Somewhere else in AL

#10: Days 29-32: Nov. 5th-8th: Somewhere else in Alabama to The Gulf of Mexico

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River derci and Road  © Dawn Brodey 2012