Life on ‘Toad Hollow'

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Aug. 5th, 2012:  "So you Live on a Boat" or "How it all Started"

I have been a full-time, freelance actress and writer in the Twin Cities for over 10 years.  My jobs - lucky as I am to have them - have run the gamut of The Easter Bunny on Nicollet Mall, to super-villian on the big screen.  The life that I live in-between these varied gigs is, itself, also rather changable.  I have lived year-round aboard a houseboat on the Mississippi River since 2006.  For years, it was myself alone (side-kicked, if you will, by a loyal dog named 'Gracie') aboard a 43' fiberglass Nautaline.  I began keeping a Captain's Blog in 2007, on the eve of my second Winter living aboard.  

Together, Gracie and I beat back the bugs in the summer, and the ice in the winter -  toughing it like Sacagawea when the pipes froze.  In the Summer of 2010, however, I acquired a first mate - Andrew Melby - and together we have remodeled and moved aboard a new boat.  She is a steel-hulled beauty named Toad Hollow, launched in October, 2011 and she is a comparative palace.

Shortly after moving aboard, we took the old boat on what proved to be an epic trip down the River the Gulf of Mexico.  The Big Trip Blog has complete stories and loads of pictures if you'd like to re-take the trip with us.  

The following posts are sometimes boat related, sometimes work related, and sometimes the observations of a floating mind.  I thank you for your interest.  © Dawn Brodey 2012